Advanced stock market software with stock charting,
market timing, swing trading support for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 9x.
Automatic generating of reliable trading signals and profitable portfolio picking
for NASDAQ, NYSE and major world stock markets.


FAQ: Frequently asked questions.

QUESTION: I do not want to follow every market swing. I want to build some profitable portfolio for a longer time frame. Is StockMarketMirror software useful for determining entry and exit points for buying and selling a portfolio and for suggesting some suitable portfolio?

ANSWER: That's what StockMarketMirror software is all about. There is no need to follow every market swing for a profitable trading. You can also watch "Simple price swings" as visualized by the appropriate command of StockMarketMirror software. The command is doing the decomposition of stock price into linear price trend and relative deviation of price from the linear price trend (using method of linear regression). The point is, to buy stocks when the price is lower than the linear price trend and to sell stocks, when the price is greater than the linear price trend. This method can be regarded as mild form of market timing, triggering trading signals less frequently than other methods of market timing.

QUESTION: Is it possible to run market timing calculations one hour before the market close, in order to buy stocks immediately if the BUY signal is triggered?

ANSWER: The answer is no, because updated stock history files are not available for downloading, one hour before market close. But in spite of that, in some relevant cases, the upcoming market timing signal can be estimated, one hour before market close. Let us suppose, that yesterday, market timing calculation was close to triggering BUY signal, showing clear up-trend of market timing signal. Let us also suppose that today, one hour before market close, intraday chart is indicating, that market will be closed in positive numbers. Natural conclusion is that BUY signal is going to be triggered and immediate buy orders can be issued.

QUESTION: StockMarketMirror software is downloading free EOD stock history from Yahoo. I have a reliable EOD stock history, downloaded from a professional stock market data vendor. I am using dedicated downloading software, delivered by the data vendor. Historical data are adjusted for stock splits, they have unified structure and are maintained in a local folder of my computer, in *.csv file format, one file per stock symbol. Can I use these data with StockMarketMirror software?

ANSWER: Yes, execute command "Define new ASCII (CSV) data source from LOCAL FOLDER".

QUESTION: Can StockMarketMirror software read EOD stock history in Metastock format?

ANSWER: No, StockMarketMirror software can't read data in Metastock format directly. Metastock data have to be exported into some empty folder in *csv format and command "Define new ASCII (CSV) data source from LOCAL FOLDER" must be executed.

QUESTION: Some of the stock symbols, that I am interested in, are missing in the Liquidity Tree when automatic processing is finished. What to do?

ANSWER: Select the appropriate data source from List Box, hit "PARAMS" button and open stock symbol list by hitting another button labeled "Add new stock symbols on top of the list". Add stock symbols of your interest on top of the stock symbol list and save the file as text.

QUESTION: I am interested in various foreign stock markets. Can I use StockMarketMirror software for that purpose and how?

ANSWER: StockMarketMirror software is delivered with a capability of monitoring 30 major stock markets of America, Asia, Australia and Europe, automatically downloading free stock history files from Yahoo. You can also define new data sources of your own, or use stock history, that you maintain on the hard drive of your computer.

QUESTION: Some standard functions of technical analysis are not available in the StockMarketMirror software. Why?

ANSWER: There are number of standard technical analysis programs, you can choose from, if you are interested in the standard technical analysis. There are also number of web sites offering such functions free of charge. StockMarketMirror software is showing an alternative approach to the problem of stock market analysis that can enrich you. It shows a stock market as a whole (or the most important portion of the stock market) and enables to concentrate on any specific stock symbol without requiring any special skills and knowledge from the user. Program is doing all advanced technical analysis automatically and thus saving time of the user. Back testing performance consistently confirms that the approach to investing supported by this program is one of the best available approaches to investing. You can use StockMarketMirror program beside other programs and compare their performance.

QUESTION: Can StockMarketMirror software suggest some portfolio?

ANSWER: Yes, there are two commands available, that are suggesting a portfolio for you, which is expected profitable during next market swing. This portfolio is also useful for investing for longer time frame.

QUESTION: Can I do any stock screening with the StockMarketMirror software?

ANSWER: There are many commands capable of sophisticated stock screening, though none of them is explicitly named as screening. Use commands in `GroupResearch' submenu for the very efficient stock screening by available criteria that are relevant for the profitable trading.

QUESTION: How can I use StockMarketMirror software for a successful trading on the U.S. stock market in the most simple and easy way? How can I independently verify market timing performance of the software?

ANSWER: Let us suppose, that you have already downloaded and installed the program on your computer.

1. You should run the program every day to maximize your real profit or paper (test) profit. It can be easily done by a single mouse click on AUTO button. The EOD stock history downloading and all data processing will be executed automatically and after a few minutes The Stock Market Timing Report appear on the screen with the market timing signal calculated for the latest trading day. Registered users can run the program automatically from the Task Scheduler of Windows.

2. If the first BUY signal was triggered after the previous SELL signal(s), you have to buy some savvy portfolio at your broker as soon as possible (immediately or on the next day) or create some testing portfolio on some web site, enabling portfolio testing (e.g. You can select your portfolio from the list of stock symbols recommended in the report or you can use your own preferred stock symbols. But you can also create small savvy portfolio from the symbols: QQQQ, DIA, SPY. This small savvy portfolio can give you reasonable profit by using this way of investing with the additional benefit of minimizing your risk of loss.

3. If the first SELL signal was triggered after the previous BUY signal(s), you have to give sell orders at your broker or portfolio testing web site, selling all stocks of your portfolio.

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