Advanced stock market software with stock charting,
market timing, swing trading support for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 9x.
Automatic generating of reliable trading signals and profitable portfolio picking
for NASDAQ, NYSE and major world stock markets.


User registration (purchase) and support.

I have authorized U.S. company to do processing of registration (purchase) fee for StockMarketMirror software. is an industry leader in providing e-commerce processing services and online credit card processing for vendors and authors of PC software.

Within 24 hours of ordering, and usually earlier, small, personalized User Key file will be sent to you via email from the software author, together with simple instructions how to store it on your computer. Personalized User Key file automatically enables running of StockMarketMirror software, installed on your computer and enables those program functions, that are disabled during the trial period. User Key file is valid for software versions starting from 6.0 and is functioning forever, independently of hardware changes, including all future versions of StockMarketMirror software. After the user registration, all of your technical questions about StockMarketMirror software will be answered free of charge, via email, during one year from user registration. All information about user, such as name, address, email address or any other information revealed during the user registration will be kept confidential and will neither be disclosed to a third party nor misused.

You can go directly to StockMarketMirror Order Form at RegNow to make your registration order. Take care that your email address is valid.

If you would not like to use your credit card in the Internet, please contact for instructions. Just note that it will include some extra fees.

Some reasons for the registration:

  • You will get the legal right to use the StockMarketMirror software after 30-day trial period, without restrictions of the evaluation version.

  • You will have fully functional licensed version of the software without calls for registration.

  • You will get the right for the technical support from the author via email free of charge, at least during one year from the user registration.

  • You will enable the development of the future versions of the software, and become qualified for the discount prices of the future versions.

  • You will enable the author to work on the interesting project of developing new, more powerful features of the StockMarketMirror software.

    Copyright (C) 2013, Stefan Veres,