Advanced stock market software with stock charting,
market timing, swing trading support for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 9x.
Automatic generating of reliable trading signals and profitable portfolio picking
for NASDAQ, NYSE and major world stock markets.



This software is distributed on ‘TRY BEFORE YOU BUY‘ and ‘AS IS‘ principles, with 14 day trial period and automation support files for major stock exchanges of America, Asia, Australia and Europe, enabling free EOD stock history download from Yahoo!

First of all log on to your computer as Computer Administrator to install and run (any) software without problems. If you are sole user of your computer you may already be logged on as Computer Administrator.

To avoid Vista compatibility problems, StockMarketMirror, version 6.8 will be installed strictly to folder C:\StockMarketMirror 6.8\ .

For easy and comfortable installation, StockMarketMirror software is delivered in self-extracting .EXE file.

For immediate software installation on your computer, hit 'Run' button when the downloading window appear on your screen.

DOWNLOAD StockMarketMirror, version 6.8 from this site (5.32MB)

When the software installation is over, you can launch StockMarketMirror software using Start button on Launch Pad.

E-mail the StockMarketMirror software download link to your friends, please!

Windows Vista compatibility for StockMarketMirror software.

StockMarketMirror software, version 6.8 is fully compatible with Windows Vista on condition that it is installed into default folder C:\StockMarketMirror 6.8\ because Vista doesn't allow to write into “Program Files” sub-folders in order to improve security of installed software.

Automatic running of StockMarketMirror software via Task Scheduler.

Task Scheduler is more powerful and slightly different with Vista. To run StockMarketMirror software automatically via Task Scheduler, do following steps:

1. Log on to your computer as Computer Administrator

2. Create “Basic Task” by choosing name for your task, weekly execution during days Tue-Sat, at a suitable time.

3. Enter following text into “Program Script” field (with quotation marks inclusive):
"C:\StockMarketMirror 6.8\StockMarketMirror.exe"

4. Enter for example following text into "Add arguments (optional)" field: NASDAQ-COMPOSITE.autorun

5. Take care to avoid typing errors.

    Copyright (C) 2013, Stefan Veres,