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Performance - NYSE timing - Free report.

Market timing report is generated from time to time (once in two or three weeks) with StockMarketMirror software, on the basis of about 2000 stock symbols of NYSE-COMPOSITE index, representing price dynamics of the U.S. stock market. The report is showing the basic short term trend of the U.S. stock market, described in the precise way of charts, spreadsheet tables, and explaining text in the hypertext format and gives some interesting hints about portfolio candidates for the purpose of short term swing trading. All the information is compressed into a small zip archive, that you can download and view on your computer. Hypertext file is generated in a simple HTML format without any scripts and therefore safe from viruses. The report itself is intended to serve as a basic information about the U.S. stock market and as a demonstration of the StockMarketMirror software performance. Download (free) and unzip the archive file into an empty folder. Hit HTML file with mouse double click. Feel free to email the original report in zip archive also to your friends, if you find the report useful. Your response and critical remarks are welcome.

SHORT-TERM SWINGS: Free download of Market Timing Report, calculated till August 24, 2007 ( < 200 KB )

LONG-TERM SWINGS: Free download of Market Timing Report, calculated till August 24, 2007 ( < 200 KB )

E-mail the report link to your friends, please!

For the purpose of trading, it is useful as well as strongly recommended to generate the report every day. You can easily do it by yourself, when you download and install StockMarketMirror software on your computer from  StockMarketMirror home page.   After the user registration, the market timing report can be generated daily, even automatically, without any interaction with the user.

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