Advanced stock market software with stock charting,
market timing, swing trading support for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 9x.
Automatic generating of reliable trading signals and profitable portfolio picking
for NASDAQ, NYSE and major world stock markets.


Video tutorials for StockMarketMirror software.

Some short and silent video tutorials are available here, which can help you in the process of learning how to use StockMarketMirror software. You can save the tutorials on your hard drive for comfortable watching.

1. How to get your own list of stock symbols analyzed with StockMarketMirror software:  The list of NASDAQ 100 stock symbols will be used to represent the market behavior.

2.  How to put your own list of stock symbols into Stock Basket for easy visual inspection and some evaluation:  This video #2 is based on the results from the calculations performed in previous video #1.

3. How to get large stock list ordered by the B&H profit during the latest 250 trading days:  This video #3 is based on the assumption that NASDAQ-COMPOSITE data source was processed with long-term swings scenario.

All 3 tutorial videos are packed in a small zip archive for easy downloading:
DOWNLOAD video tutorials for StockMarketMirror software. (23 MB)

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